UK Vascular and Endovascular Research Network

National Audit of Infra-renal AAA

VERN would like to thank Mr Tristan Lane, Mandy Burrows, Dr Mark Theodoreson, Mr Shiva Dindyal, Mr Thomas Hardy, Mr Sandip Nandhra, Mr Jakub Kacynski, Dr Joe Filby, Dr Joshua Brown, Miss Kathryn Boyce, Mr Ayoola Awopetu, Mr Nadeem Mughal, Maira Hameed and Mr Graeme Ambler for their contribution of data to this study.


Endovascular abdominal aortic aneurysm repair (EVAR) within the United Kingdom has a variable, peri-operative mortality. Standard perioperative and postoperative strategies differ between vascular units and may impact on outcomes. The aim of this audit is to highlight differences in practise.


Utilising the Vascular and Endovascular Research Network, participating centres were invited to complete an audit questionnaire of standard EVAR practises within their vascular unit. The results of this were collated and quantitavely analysed.


A total of 15 vascular units submitted data all of which undertook standard infra-renal EVAR. Only two units undertook day case EVAR. The majority discuss all patients (100%) at a weekly multi-disciplinary meeting prior to EVAR although 3 do not. All but three centres prefer a general anaesthetic (3 utilise a spinal/epidural first approach) with most centres utilising a completion angiogram (single or dual plane) although 2 do not. Seven units do not perform routine postoperative inpatient imaging. From those that do, 3 utilise duplex, 1 Computed tomography and 2 plain X ray. The majority of centres undertake lifelong stent graft surveillance (frequency and timing of surveillance vary greatly) while 4 centres follow up to 5 or 10 years respectively. Seven centres do not routinely have a vascular radiologist with EVAR experience on call.


Variation exists in standard EVAR practises between vascular units in the UK. By standardising practise between units it may be possible to further reduce post EVAR morbidity and mortality nationally.

Many thanks to the following hospitals:
University Hospitals of Leicester, London North West Hospitals NHS Trust, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, University Hospital Coventry and Warwick, Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust, Derriford Hospital, North-East Central Vascular Unit, Forth Valley Royal Hospital, Royal Gwent Hospital, University Hospital of Wales, Ipswich Hospital, Colchester General Hospital, John Radcliffe Hospital, Wrexham Maelor Hospital